Internal services

You are asked to show some creativity in terms of network usage and content. ;)

Search engine

There is a search engine at search.dn42 that can also be used to discover services and content. It attempts to index all sites on DN42.

A searx-ng instance is available at search.androw.dn42 to search the clearnet.

Certificate Authority

xuu is maintaining an certificate authority for internal services.

Burble maintains an ACME server (with accompanying CA), compatible with any LetsEncrypt client like Certbot, Dehydrated or Caddy.

***Currently Down as of 12/18/23
n0emis maintains an ACME server (with accompanying CA), compatible with any LetsEncrypt client like Certbot, Dehydrated or Caddy.


GeoIP Services

map.dn42 provides a simple GeoIP service. This service uses rDNS records and country field in aut-num objects as a reference, currently designed for fun :P


Results are in JSON format.[DN42_IP]&lang=en[DN42_ASN]


There is a client software using above apis to provide GeoIP-based traceroute. It is a modified IPIP.NET Best Trace software with DN42 support injection.

Windows only, no virus scan report available, but our DLL source is provided with the modified client. It's highly recommended to run this tool in a sandbox.

Since the original software is not open source, so use it at your own risk.

Link: http://map.dn42/

IX Services

Name Wiki Page AS Number Related Link(s)
IXP-frnte IXP-frnte 4242421081 N/A
IX2 IX2 4242421951 N/A

ASN Authentication solution

Authenticate your users by having them verify their ASN ownership with KIOUBIT-MNT using their registry-provided methods in an automated way. An example of this is the automatic peering system for the Kioubit Network. Documentation


Hostname / IP SSL Remarks
irc.hackint.dn42 Yes DN42
irc.hackint.hack/dn42 Yes ChaosVPN
irc.dn42 Yes Internal IRC
irc.ty3r0x.dn42 Yes BonoboNET (ty3r0x.bnet)
irc.catgirls.dn42 Yes Karx IRC, clearnet, dn42 v6 only
irc.replirc.dn42 Yes ReplIRC (started in 2022 on Replit (but no longer uses Replit), uses Solanum for servers), self-signed certificates


Hostname / IP Remarks
https://lounge.burble.dn42 thelounge for lurking on #dn42, see burble.dn42 services.
https://irc.pebkac.dn42 thelounge for lurking on #dn42, ask TOMKAP-DN42 for an account

Images, E-Books, Videos and other Media

Hostname / IP Remarks
http://j.munsternet.dn42 Jellyfin instance with movies and TV shows (test).

Radio and Video Streaming

Hostname / IP Remarks
https://live.jerry.dn42/ Live audio stream powered by mpd
http://radio.vr18.dn42/ Online radio by vr18
https://dn42:[email protected]/playlist TV Channels Streaming
http://icy.jones.dn42 Home grown Icecast Radio covering a number of genres (HLS & Player coming soon [ish]!)
https://radio.vrpnet.dn42 Online radio by Pi3rrot on VRPNET, using Icecast&Liquidsoap
http://webdj.nop.dn42/ controller for Multicast stream: rtp://[email protected]:1234/
https://sdr.pebkac.dn42/ OpenWebRX SDR Receiver, FM/VHF/UHF Analog & Digital
http://kz.dn42:8888/6MusicProxy/index.m3u8 BBC Radio 6 Music Proxy service (320kbps AAC streams over HLS)

File Sharing


FIXME: Please add info about (approximate) bandwidth of the servers.

Repository Mirrors are listed on another page: Repository Mirrors

Hostname / IP Remarks
http://files.nop.dn42 download only, max 1Mbit/s
http://rfc-editor.dn42 download only, max 1Mbit/s
http://freertr.dn42/ freeRouter main site
http://sources.nop.dn42 freeRouter source tree
http://rtros.nop.dn42/ freeRouter distribution


DN42 Network Access over Automatic Wireguard VPN Service (IPv6 only, fd00::/8) provided by TheQ at




A DN42 private Telegram app and server is available at buzzster.dn42, the app requires a new registration (Official Telegram account isn't valid), only support IPv4 at the moment.

A MTProxy server is available at mtp.jerry.dn42:8044.


Hostname / IP Remarks
*.burble.dn42 All burble.dn42 nodes provide NTP over clearnet and DN42. See also burble.dn42 public services


Hostname / IP Game Remarks
yuan.nia.dn42 ( Genshi Impact (Unofficial) Latest development branch, Scripts included, Optimized for CN, Not stable yet
mc.jerry.dn42 & jerry.dn42 Minecraft latest, IPv4 & IPv6
mc.razu.neo (formerly mc.razuritta.dn42) Minecraft latest(1.20.4 atm), IPv4+IPv6
fd11:ef8b:72ac:: Minecraft 1.8
ttd.jerry.dn42 OpenTTD latest, IPv4 & IPv6
stk.jerry.dn42:2759, stk.jerry.neo:2759 SuperTuxKart latest, IPv4 only
stk2.jerry.dn42:2759, stk2.jerry.neo:2759 SuperTuxKart latest, IPv4 & IPv6
factorio.catgirls.dn42 (IPv6 only) factorio Still in testing, expect downtime
nodecore.pivipi.dn42 Minetest IPv6 only
The burble.dn42 shell servers include a number of classic text games, see shell access Various Log in to the shell servers for more
telnet tetris.dn42 tetris in your terminal other games available on request, ping mc36 @ irc
https://clicker.burble.dn42/ Clicker/Idle Waste your time away with a dn42 themed browser based idle game, dn42 Monkic (Game in German)  

Voice chat

Hostname / IP Remarks
mumble://ty3r0x.dn42:64738 Ty3r0X's Lair (men's club)

VOIP/SIP Endpoints

  • burble.dn42 runs an asterisk based VOIP service with various test extensions and real hardware modems for dialing in to dn42
  • jerry.dn42 also runs an asterisk based VOIP service with live radio (see live.jerry.dn42 above), whois service, conference room and software modems for dialing in to dn42


Test out your skills with online challenges

Start here Remarks
https://burble.dn42/services/ping/ burble.dn42 ping challenge
http://kioubit.dn42/challenge/ch2/ Kioubit.dn42 challenge (2024)
http://kioubit.dn42/challenge/ch1/ Kioubit.dn42 challenge (2023)


Providers of shell access:

Person Hostname Net Description Contact
mc36 telnet test.nop.dn42 dn42 only looking glass -
JerryXiao ssh [email protected] dn42 and icvpn looking glass -
burble ssh <mntner>
ssh <mntner>
dn42 Full shell account See below

burble.dn42 shell access

Full shell accounts are available for all dn42 users. Usernames are constructed using the MNTNER name, lowercased and without the '-MNT' suffix. SSH public keys are imported automatically from the registry or alternatively, a password can be used instead.

See also the burble.dn42 website for more details.

Personal/network/blogs websites

Website Description
https://burble.dn42/ burble.dn42 website
http://www.marlinc.dn42/ Marlinc website
http://vr18.dn42/ vr18.dn42 website
https://mk16de.bandura.dn42/ Marek's site
http://lpnet0.dn42/ LAUNCHPAD-NETWORK official website
http://blog.sherpherd.dn42/ Hawkins' Homepage


Hostname / IP Remarks
http://paste.nop.dn42 yet another paste service
https://p.pebkac.dn42/ PasteBin Service (Netcat/Bash CLI Client)

Forums / Message boards

Hostname / IP Remarks
https://urandom.catgirls.dn42/ Message board
https://social.dn42/ Pleroma Instance


Hostname / IP Remarks
http://wiki.dn42, http://internal.dn42 This wiki! Git Repo hosted on git.dn42
http://www.nop.dn42/ Basic "whatismyip" service
http://fun.nop.dn42/ some funny images and videos
http://pvrp.nop.dn42/ a path vector igp main site
http://lsrp.nop.dn42 a link state igp main site
http://hwp0rn.nop.dn42 girls with switches and routers, a mirror
http://ix.nop.dn42 mcast-ix main site
http://mpls.dn42/ a brief description of MPLS technology
http://speed.vr18.dn42/ vr18 speedtest (100/20 mbit internet)
http://it.vr18.dn42/ handy tools for developers
dn42,NeoNetwork, CRXN Excalidraw instance
https://ntfy.weil-isso.dn42 NTFY (Push Notify via REST-API)
kms.weil-isso.dn42 (Port 1688) Key Management Server (with Auto-Activation) for any Windows/Office (LAB AND TEST Purposes only)
https://dpnetwork.dn42/ip Yet Another what is my ip

Usenet Servers / News

There are some News Servers available here


There is a list of E-Mail providers here

Other networks

List of other Overlay Networks

Public Internet