Other Dark / Overlay Networks

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  • Tor (The onion router) is an anonymity network that also features a darknet - its "hidden services". It's the most popular instance of a darknet.

P2P / F2F / Warez

  • I2P (Invisible Internet Project) is another overlay network that features a darknet whose sites are called "Eepsites".
  • Freenet is a popular darknet (friend-to-friend) by default; since version 0.7 it can run as a "opennet" (connecting to untrusted users).
  • RetroShare can be run as a darknet (friend-to-friend) by default to perform anonymous file transfers if DHT and Discovery features are disabled.
  • GNUnet is a darknet if the "F2F (network) topology" option is enabled.
  • Syndie is software used to publish distributed forums over the anonymous networks of I2P, Tor and Freenet.
  • OneSwarm can be run as a darknet for friend-to-friend file-sharing.
  • Tribler can be run as a darknet for file-sharing.

BGP Routed IP

  • DN42
  • ChaosVPN
  • Anonet
  • router.city


  • Freifunk


  • Netsukuku
  • Agora


  • CRXN


A wiki page dedicated to the AnoNet Network: http://wiki.qontrol.nl/Anonet

TINC Clouds

This information is a caryover from the original dn42 wiki. most is unsubstantiated and probably invalid now. Included here for historical reasons. Keys and other parameters can be found in the registry under tinc-key and tinc-keyset

first tinc cloud 

ipv6: fd04:de02:7af9::/64 

IP              IPv6                    User         Host         ASN
--------------  ----------------------  ---------    -----------  -----                          downhill     geekhabitat  64655  fd04:de02:7af9::178/64  Martin89     martin89     64713  fd04:de02:7af9::179/64  welterde     hex          64738  fd04:de02:7af9::180/64  Vutral       vger         64787  fd04:de02:7af9::181/64         --- free ---  fd04:de02:7af9::182/64  mnl          aphrodite    64758                          UFO          ufoathome    64766  fd04:de02:7af9::184/64  ariel        shack        64714                          lowkey       cerberus?    65023  fd04:de02:7af9::186/64  schrodinger  crux         64664  fd04:de02:7af9::187/64  deelkar      deelkar      64827                          nospoonuser  nospoonuser  64756  fd04:de02:7af9::189/64         --- free ---  fd04:de02:7af9::190/64  liameph      meph?        64790  fd04:de02:7af9::194/64  merlin       noc          64831  fd04:de02:7af9::195/64  stephanj     stephanj     64674
--------------  ----------------------  ---------    -----------  -----

IPv6                                     User      Host      ASN
---------------------------------------  --------  --------  -----
fd04:de02:7af9:0000:dead:0000:fca0:1/64  dodger78  dodger78  64672
---------------------------------------  --------  --------  -----

second tinc cloud 
(opened because the ipv4 range above is full)

ipv6: fd04:de02:7af9::/64

IP              IPv6                 User         Host         ASN
--------------  -------------------  ---------    -----------  -----  fd04:de02:7af9::161  uves         spline       64733  fd04:de02:7af9::162  petrus       beta         64751
--------------  -------------------  ---------    -----------  -----