This page lists external DNS zones, provided by networks that are interconnected with dn42.

Authoritative nameservers

Network name Contact DNS zone Reverse zone Authoritative nameservers Last update Comments
ChaosVPN - hack. (anycast) Nov. 2013 -
NeoNetwork - neo. fd10:127:ffff:53:: Jul. 2022 -


Freifunk generates its zone configuration from the icvpn-meta repositority via the mkdns-script contained in icvpn-scripts. As there are many Freifunk-Communities this is the easiest way to get them all.

git clone
git clone
cd icvpn-scripts
./mkdns -f bind -s ../icvpn-meta/ -x dn42 -x chaosvpn -x rzl -x neonetwork

Note: dn42, chaosvpn (, rzl which has been removed, but is still in the script) and neonetwork are excluded (-x), because they are not part of Freifunk and you might want to configure them yourself.

The mkdns script currently supports the following setups:

  • bind (static-stub)
  • bind-forward (forward zone)
  • dnsmasq
  • unbound (forward-zone)


The NeoNetwork also has a recursive DNS server at and fd10:127:53:53::. The zone files can be found here:


See DNS forwarding configuration.