… or the service that would make dn42 truly interesting for people (for non-technical reasons).


  • it should be difficult to setup on the Internet (for technical or legal reasons)
  • it should interest people that are likely to know dn42 (hackerspaces, etc)

Any idea, apart from pr0n? Multicasting video flux?

Ideas for stuff that are technically difficult on the Internet:

  • multicast routing (well, it doesn't work in dn42 either)
  • something that depends on the network infrastructure or topology (e.g. a game where you have to announce things with BGP)
  • CloudStack Implementation to test fail-over to different locations
  • Open Plex Media Server - Anyone within dn42 would have unauthenticated access to the media.
  • We need to branch out to events etc… have talks, streams and increase our media presence.

  • We could make the services zeroconf-browseable with the .dn42 TLD
  • Starting a mock domain registrar could be fun – maybe domains could be bought with DN42coin (see below).
  • DN42coin! A cryptocurrency based on the quality of your peerings. More/fast/low latency peerings means more coins! (KaiRaphixx is currently working on this)