rfc8815 deprecated pim-sm so pim-ssm is the way to go!

for it to work, you'll need to do the following:

ask your peering to enable ipv4/ipv6 multicast afi on your peering

set up ipv4/ipv6 pim for the (s,g) joins to pass through

be prepared to igmpv3 and mldv2 from your listeners

you're done, you should have your streams

current participants:




C4TG1RL5-MNT - frr configuration Please make sure you understand how to configure and use frr before you use anything from this configuration!


current streams:

vlc rtp://[email protected]:1234/

controllable at http://webdj.nop.dn42/

public multicast to unicast relay with vlc4 and above:

vlc --amt-relay amt://[email protected]:1234/

it's the same stream but i had to nat it to my dn42 ip range to be listenable natively in dn42 :)

feel free to ask for a peering and set it up!