What is ROA?

A Route Origination Authorization details which AS is authorised to advertise which originating IP prefixes. A ROA may also include prefix length information.

What is RPKI?

Resource Public Key Infrastructure is basically a framework for securing the routing infrastructure.
It provides a way to connect number resource information to a trust anchor.

What is RTR?

The Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) to Router Protocol provides a way for a router to access RPKI validation information.
It provides the router with validity information regarding prefix origination:

    The route announcement is covered by a ROA and the announcing AS is validated
    The route announcement is covered by a ROA and the announcing AS is invalid (possibly hijacking)
    There exists no ROA for the route announcement

How can I implement ROA on dn42?

On dn42 we generate ROA information from the dn42 registry.
ROA json/bird files can be generated using dn42regsrv. It is also possible to integrate this with a RTR cache server such as gortr.


You can find a hosted example of dn42regsrv at https://explorer.burble.com/

Instructions on how to host dn42regsrv yourself can be found on the git repo of dn42regsrv.

You can also run dn42regsrv via docker (then available at

git checkout https://git.dn42.us/burble/dn42regsrv.git .
cd contrib/docker
docker-compose up -d

Documentation for the api endpoints can be found here: https://git.dn42.us/burble/dn42regsrv/src/master/API.md


burble kindly provides ready-to-use files for gortr here:


You can use these to simply run gortr via docker:

docker run -ti -p 8082:8082 cloudflare/gortr -cache https://dn42.burble.com/roa/dn42_roa_46.json -verify=false -checktime=false -bind :8082

This is all to complicated, is there an easy all-in-one package for RTR?

TODO: Publish docker-compose-yml to git for gortr+dn42regsrv

How do I integrate RTR with my BGP implementation

You have to consult the documentation of your implementation for that. We will provide configuration examples on the specific pages.