Tor (dn42 mirror) is free software and an open network that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security.

Tor Bridges

Tor bridges allow for the Tor client to connect to a specific IP address and validate the fingerprint to permit safe connections into the Tor network for networks that do not directly access the public Internet, for example hosts that only have dn42 connections. The following bridges are currently available for use:

Name Bandwidth Contact Protocol Fingerprint Info
photon.flat.dn42:8443 500kB/s [email protected] obfs4 83B02FB88253A7FD313B7912B12B05AF2A42D3B9 Limited to 100GB transfer per week
gouda.flat.dn42:8443 500kB/s [email protected] obfs4 DF8CA08A9BED62B319D1E52610510959374444A2
tor.napshome.dn42:8443 3000KB/s+ [email protected] obfs4 71C924A772F69451FE97FE5A9025DEDDEF3DB664
tor.napshome.dn42:9001 3000KB/s+ [email protected] plain 71C924A772F69451FE97FE5A9025DEDDEF3DB664

Anycast Tor

There is an anycast address, and fd42:d42:d42:9001::1 aka tor.dn42, that provides the following services:

Service Port
ORPort 9001/tcp
DirPort 9030/tcp
SOCKS 9050/tcp

It should be noted that the host providing the SOCKS services is able to see all of the traffic going through it, you will not be protected for the portion of the journey between your machine and the Tor service. There is also no guarantee that the SOCKS proxy even provides a Tor service, it may simply just be a SOCKS proxy and you have no means by which to verify it.

There is also unfortunately no means by which to tell Tor to use a specific IP address as the entry point for a plain relay and while in theory you could connect to the ORPort and have a safe connection to Tor, there is no configuration option available for this.

Tor SOCKS Proxies

Note that the same warnings above also apply to the following proxies.

Proxy URL Bandwidth Contact
socks5://tor.napshome.dn42:9050 100+ Mbit/s Napsterbater
socks5:// 100 Mbit/s twink0r

DNS Proxy - Tor Hidden Services

Note that the same warnings above also apply to the following proxies.

See for more details

Suffix Change Bandwidth Contact
.onion -> .onion.dns42 (IPv6 Mapping) 1000 Mbit/s TheQ
.onion -> .oni.dns42 (IPv6 Mapping) 1000 Mbit/s TheQ